Sustainable Economy

The partnership outcome is to see substantial, measurable improvements to the policy and regulatory environment that will enable more rapid and sustained economic diversification. UN supported cooperation is consolidated under themes I&II to ensure closer integration between public sector efforts to create an enabling policy and regulatory environment and increased private sector investment for economic diversification. In line with Vision 2035, the private sector is expected to be a full and leading partner to ensure that new policies and regulations are ‘smart’[1] and that they respond to concerns about transparency in decision-making, fair competition, and access to new technologies. This includes a focus on increased urban investment and livelihood opportunities through a responsive and a collaborative process


[1] This involves a shift away from ‘regulate and forget’ toward a regulatory framework that is adaptive, open to experimentation, focused on results, and collaborative with the private sector. Deloitte Insights, The Future of Regulation – Principles for regulating emerging technologies, dld Oct 2018.